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March 23rd, 2013, 5:17 pm


Is March Almost Over?!

Greetings, my lovely guests!
Good grief, I can't believe we'll almost at April. ;D; I'm sorry I've been a little spotty over the last few weeks. (Saint's been giving me some disapproving clucks, I assure you.)
I was actually over at Disney World for the last week learning about theme park design from its Imagineers. It was such an amazingly educational (albeit exhausting) experience, and I assure you I'll apply what I learned to all my work -- including Saint for Rent.
Speaking of Saint, I was going to hold off on this until a little later... but we're going to see another Time Traveler Inn in Chapter 2! :D Any guesses as to who's it is?
Well, only time will tell (bada-chh!). I'll be working on designs over the next couple of weeks and will be posting WIPs on my Twitter~ ;) Stay tuned!

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